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-Far Above Rubies by Lynda Coats-
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   This is from an Interview with Lynda Coats, Author of Far Above Rubies (FAR)

"Far Above Rubies",is for high-school girls. We had this charmimg author, and her daughter, spend a few days with us at our farm last year while she was doing a speaking tour in Nebraska. You will be able to glean unique insight into how and why this curriculum was designed and perhaps decide that this is the curriculum that is just the right fit for your daughter.

Why did you write Far Above Rubies?

"Becky was 12 years old and had completed the basics we had set before her. She was ready to move into high school studies. She had been taught a great deal by unit studies in her elementary years. Becky's goal was to be a homeschool mother and wife. At this point in time, there was not any material that provided hands-on opportunities to train Becky in the way she felt the Lord was leading her. Text books were not for Becky. I began praying and asking the Lord what I should do. He soon showed me Proverbs 31. Originally I thought I was to just write a Bible study to accompany her curriculum, but as time went on the Lord revealed the vast number of things you could teach from each of the verses. At first I put togeather the first 4 units and things began to snowball from there."

Is FAR just for highschool girls?

"High school begins whenever the student finishes the basic skills. They must have good reading skills, and mastery of basic math operations like multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. Some students as young as 10 are using it. I would say that any girl mature enough to benefit from the research and activities would benefit from using FAR."

What about highschoool aged boys?

"FAR was designed for young women. I wrote a curriculum for high school age boys called Blessed Is The Man. It's first edition came out in 1994, the same year FCA published their first FAR. Blessed Is The Man is based on Psalms 1. It trains a young man to be a Priest, provider and protector of his family. It is now in its second edition, which was just released." (Second Harvest will be carrying this fine product!)

I like the unit study ideas of FAR, but will this be able to get my daughter into college?

"Obviously, no curriculum is going to "GET" your daughter into college. However, there is no reason a girl using FAR cannot attend any college she wants . A college- bound student should be sure to supplement with a structured math program to include. Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. I like Saxon, and a Key Curriculum Press series called KEYS TO ALGEBRA. is especially good for an overview of Algebra but with out the intensity of Saxon".

Is FAR literature-based?

No, it is scripturally based. Each unit is based on 1-2 verses of Proverbs 31:10-31. We do use a large amount of Christian and secular literature. The secular literature is always from a wholesome perspective and is used to illustrate important glimpses into history or society as it was in a day gone by or to teach valuable lessons.

What if my child has a problem reading?

"FAR is designed for a student who has mastered reading. However, if Mom or a sibling is willing to read with/to the student and discuss the books it can still be highly effective. Here are some suggestions for working with reluctant readers: (1) Split up the books to be read among your children who can read and have them give book reports to each other or have a book discussion time. (2) Read aloud to eavch other while one is working, such as folding clothes, cleaning rooms, etc. (3) Combine reading with other activities like driving from place to place. Have one child read aloud to others while you travel in the car. (4) Instead of picking books on the high school level choose books on a lower reading level until the student's reading improves."

What subjects does FAR cover?

"Bible, cultural studies, reading and literature, composition, math and personal economics, science, helath and fitness, practical arts, and creative and preforming arts."

What is the primary emphasis of FAR?

"FAR's main goal is to train a daughter to be a helper to her husband, a nurturer of her children, and a keeper of the home. This character building of young ladies will produce godly women that will provide the nurturing and training for the next generation of God's people."

Is there a RIGHT way to use FAR?

"I think there is no one correct way. It is set up as a guideline ONLY. Each family should use it to fit their individual special needs, interests, and learning styles."

What do you consider unique or the best thing about FAR?

"I would say that the value is FAR is shown in my daughter Becky, who is the kind of young woman that this curriculum encourages and develops. She loves the Lord and wants to serve Him by being a godly wife and mother. However, my husband, Lauren, told me that the best part of this whole process of writing, teaching, and marketing FAR is how it changed me and how I have grown through this be a more godly woman."

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